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Makeshift Row at HopSauce Fest

ON JUNE 4TH, 2016

The MakeShift Union will be represented at the Hop Sauce Festival in a 50 x 10 tent hosting a handful of our Makers who have previously graced the inaugural Makers Festival with their talents and wares and will also be present at the 2nd annual Makers Fest.  Here, in MakeShift Row you'll find handmade goods of all kinds set up in a pop-up shop fashion for your shopping needs. We are excited to bring a little taste of some homegrown handmade to this year's Hop Sauce Festivities.


is the brainchild of Spice it Up and Jetty. It is a celebration of craft beer, hot sauce, local fare, music, and shopping. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Jetty Rock Foundation whose mission is to enhance business, arts, and culture for the future leaders of our community.